UNYEA Offers a Variety of Benefits and Strategic Sales Opportunities for Realtors

Provide your customers with more value while creating a wider network for your business. One particular?program that can help to accomplish this is called HomeAssist?. HomeAssist is a marketing process whereby realtors get direct access to potential new clients from oil?heat marketers. The program works this way: the oil heat marketer provides a branded HomeAssist insert with an invoice or other information at least twice per year to their entire base of customers. This notifies the consumer that if they utilize a realtor partner of their oil heat provider, they can receive?cash back on their real estate transaction. This process provides realtor-partners with access to thousands of potential new clients. The marketer gains the benefit of knowing if a residence they have been serving is for sale. This means they have the inside track to provide services to the new homeowner. HomeAssist cements a win-win partnership for realtors and oil?heat marketers.

Seminars Prepare Realtors to Discuss Oil?Heat with Clients

Our seminars are loaded with up-to-date information and will prepare realtors to discuss all aspects of today?s?oil?heat with clients. There is a lot of?positive?news currently surrounding the industry: the price of oil is down, fuel is cleaner than ever, and new technology makes oil?heat as efficient as natural gas.

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Free Literature and Reference Material

Contemporary information on oil heat is important for your clients. We can provide you with copies of a ?Homeowner?s Guide to Oil Heat? at no cost. This informational brochure is a valuable communication tool, particularly for first-time buyers and buyers that previously had another energy source.

We also provide realtors with a ?Realtors Guide to Oil Heat? which provides a great basis to discuss questions from your clients.

Additional Benefits from Your Oil Heat Partners

Our oil heat members are dedicated to quality service and want to remove any obstacles to closing the sale. UNYEA members can help you with the following to facilitate a successful closing:

  • Answer questions that arise from a home inspection
  • Assess the value of existing inventory in the tank
  • Provide emergency service or start up if an issue arises
  • Transfer service and tank replacement agreements to your client
  • Present?projected fuel usage based on the home’s historic use


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