New York Energy Update for Realtors

Home heating in the Northeast is a significant expense for homeowners each winter. Make sure your clients know about the latest energy-efficient technologies for their cost savings and comfort.

Selling Oil-Heated Homes

Add more value with greater knowledge.

Homebuyers are more conscious now than ever about energy use and how it can impact not only their wallets, but also the environment and their health. It’s important for you, as the real estate expert they trust, to know about new and advantageous updates in energy industry advancements.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Did you know that homeowners can save 30% per year on fuel usage with the installation of a new, high-efficiency boiler or furnace? Choosing an ENERGY STAR? certified oil-fired heating system will help to keep energy costs low while improving overall home comfort.


New technologies in heating equipment continue to improve for the consumer. Energy-saving components and advancements can reduce the amount of fuel used each heating season without compromising comfort.

Why It’s Important:

Homeowners can save significantly on fuel costs, increase their property’s value, and gain greater home comfort each winter.

Low Sulfur Heating Oil

U.S. production of low sulfur heating oil is on the rise. Not only is the fuel cleaner, but producing it domestically is an advantage for our efforts toward energy independence.


New York State lowered the amount of sulfur allowed in home heating oil from 2,000ppm to a mere 15ppm in 2012. Being the first state to make this step, this sparked several other states in the Northeast to require lower sulfur content and to be mindful of our environment, taking advantage of options for cleaner-burning oil.

Why It’s Important:

Fuel with reduced sulfur content is cleaner and safer for our health and environment. Our state is working to continue lowering sulfur in home heating oil, and the U.S. is continuing to produce the low-sulfur version of the fuel in abundance.

New Water Heater Standards

Testing a home’s water pressure is one of the first things a prospect will do when touring a potential property; how quickly hot water makes its way out of a faucet or showerhead follows. A home’s water heater efficiency is important to buyers, as the equipment operates daily to heat water for faucet, shower, dishwasher, and washing machine use.

Keeping home heating equipment up-to-date is important for proper and safe use each heating season, but make sure year-round appliances like water heaters are not overlooked. New standards in place make this easier.


This spring, the U.S. Department of Energy implemented new efficiency standards for the production of water heaters. Homeowners will still be able to operate existing equipment for the time being, but manufacturers can no longer produce water heating systems that do not meet the updated requirements. The purpose of updating and adjusting these guidelines is to increase the efficiency of the equipment and more effectively deliver hot water.

Why It’s Important:

All types of water heaters manufactured will now require higher energy factor (EF) ratings, which will help homeowners lessen associated consumption and costs.